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Our goal = save you time. We provide a place to display many different kinds of local events. Find events that you might not otherwise have found. Return to view new groups and organizations who have recently joined. Expect to find activities from groups including neighborhood schools, sports, police and fire departments, scout troops, churches and charitable organizations, local government and chamber, just to name a few. Click image above to view ALL events going on in Delavan TODAY, or view our list of specific categories below. Would you like to be a part of our community calendar too? It's FREE.

Featured Events

Some events need a little bit more room for information and photos. Submit your larger events and we'll feature them on a special page. There is plenty of room to include event pricing, maps, website links, contact information... not to mention featured photos and lots of detail. Click here to view the next upcoming featured events. If you would like to submit your own event, email us your event information.


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